Who IS this guy?

This guy as you so eloquently called him, is Justin Freeman! Not just any Justin Freeman mind you - he is the one of many Justin Freemans. Not just THE Justin Freeman, but D. Justin Freeman! The one Justin Freeman to rule them all, if you will. And he is generally always right. So why are you still dealing with people who have no clue what they're talking about when you could be talking to a guy who knows exactly that?

Need some evidence that this guy knows where it's at? Consider:

So it's time to wake up and smell the cheese grits: anything some other Justin Freeman can do, this Justin Freeman can do better, faster, longer, and with more unnecessary adjectives than any other Justin Freeman can. I mean, just look at him over there, wearing that striped purple shirt! Have you ever seen someone pull off the "professional dweeb" look so well? I don't even have to ask. The answer is NO. So stop paying attention to all the sissy Justin Freemans and start learning from the real deal - the Justin Freeman who is always right.

And yes, "This guy" is in fact the same guy who saved the world by being accused of giving someone the middle finger. You can follow him on twitter @FreemansFinger

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