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Whatever happened to the fourth amendment?

By J. Freeman on 05/27/2018 01:53:53

On May 9th I published this blog post criticizing the Polk County Police for botching an investigation which lead to an Airforce Veteran being shot dead on the side of the road. A mere 13 days later, they decided to show me just how corrupt they can be.

I was driving home from work doing nothing but enjoying my right to use the roads when I was chased down by flashing blue lights. I pulled over. The police came to my window, but couldn't articulate any valid reason for having pulled me over. They demanded that I get out of the car, and then dragged me screaming out of it. Despite my pleas to them that they should obey the law (complete with citations to legal precedents) I soon found myself at the Polk County jail.

Of course, you probably guessed that the police also stole my car (after searching through every inch of it). I had to pay to get it out of impound, because for some reason, the police just really have a weird thing about wanting to steal my cars.

I wasn't tortured or sexually abused by the police at the jail this time - I was even allowed to use a toothbrush and take a shower! - but I certainly wasn't treated like a person presumed innocent. For example, I was refused a phone call for 24 hours, during which time my family had desperately called every hospital between here and Atlanta, believing I must surely have died in a car accident.

After 50 hours, I was released on bond ($1,500). I now stand accused of reckless driving, disorderly conduct, and obstruction (the point-after kick for cops). There isn't a single scrap of validity to any of it. Now I'll have to spend the next year or so under an unbearable weight of stress while I miss work to attend frivolous court hearings. I'll have to waste countless hours of time on legal research and writing court documents (time that should and would otherwise be devoted to my children's education). In the end, I'll surely be found innocent. There will be no reason for anyone to have had to go through all this.

And I think I've earned the benefit of the doubt on that. In the past four years since I was arrested in Hall County, I've won every criminal challenge brought against me. I've reached a point that I have difficulty counting off the top of my head how many times I've been ticketed or arrested or falsely accused of something. It always ends the same: the case is not prosecuted, or dismissed, or the warrant is never issued, or the verdict is overturned. Everything is always resolved in my favor, because (unlike the police) I'm not a criminal and I don't break the law.

Besides, I'm pretty sure everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt in criminal cases - that's what presumed innocent means.

And we all know why this is happening to me. This arrest, like all the others, was laden with phony accusations that I'm a "sovereign citizen" (which, as police use it, might as well mean "Christian boogey-man"). We all know where that slander came from. Gerald Couch and company in Hall County planted that in the mind of Jason Berry (who didn't know what a "sovereign citizen" was), and after getting him to agree with it, put it into the GCIC, where it will remain forever, telling all police everywhere to mistreat me everywhere I go.

And why did they do that? They did it because I'm a Christian and I speak the truth about Georgi'a criminal police officers. Police naturally hate Christian morals, and definitely don't want anyone messing up their power-trip.

And isn't it funny how the police always notice the words "sovereign citizen", but never notice the words "NOT GUILTY" affixed to every case having anything to do with me? You'd think that at some point, if they aren't all literally retarded, they would notice that the "sovereign citizen" accusations against me have been repeatedly proven false. It's almost like they all know it isn't true, but are just blatently attacking me for my religion and speech anyway. The first amendment is dead in the Democratic People's Republic of American Georgia.

But the first isn't the only dead-letter in the peach state. I'm forced to ask: what ever happened to the fourth amendment? It reads thus:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

So let's unpack that. I'm one of the people, so no one has a right to take away or mess with me or any of my stuff. The only exception is if a judge issues a warrant allowing the police to mess with me or my stuff. And on what grounds can a judge issue a warrant? Well, someone has to go before the judge, swear an oath (or affirm) to tell the truth, and give evidence showing that I probably did or probably will commit a crime. Then the warrant has to say specifically what the police are allowed to take and/or mess with.

So, in this case, I was stopped by the police for literally no reason. Did they speak to a judge? No. Did a judge issue a warrant? No. Did anyone show any evidence of any crime? No. The fourth amendment is meaningless in the police state.

Well, here I am. I'm out thousands of dollars already. I'll be out thousands more before this is over with. Both I and my stuff were searched and seized. Will the police be punished for performing an unlawful arrest? Of course not. They're above the law. Will I be given any restitution for my troubles? Don't be silly. The courts exist to rake in money for the state. Whether or not the citizens get anything out of them is of no real concern.

Wake up America. As long as there are police, you have no rights.

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