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Andrew Holland Proves Cases of Abuse Like Mine are Common

By J. Freeman on 03/20/2018 05:00:20

First off, I want to let you know that the story of my wild ride to the Supreme Court isn't over, and I plan to say much more about it. So if you're here for that narrative you won't be disappointed. And believe me, there's plenty more tales of abuse than what I've told so far. We can't get back to the story yet though, because there have been too many teachable moments in current events. We just can't ignore some of these so the specifics of my story will have to wait a bit.

So, what's the next story that we can't ignore? This week video has come to light of a very distubing story out of California. One which (despite my constantly having an ear to the groud about such things) I had not heard of until today. Now some might not have believed my story of prison abuse, thinking that the local boys in blue COULDN'T engage in the kind of heinous mistreatment that I described. We see exactly these kinds of details though documented in the story of Andrew Holland demonstrating that such circumstances as mine are not rare in prisons across the United States. Take a minute to read about his story and then come back here.

So, what are the parallels?

  • I was threatened with indefinite detention, Holland was being held in a prison even after a judge had ordered his transfer to a mental institution. Clearly, the police can keep holding whomever they want, regardless of the legality.
  • I was placed in a very small solitary confinement cell, very similar to the one you see Holland in.
  • I was forced to stay in my cell nude. So was Holland.
  • Deputies stood outside my cell and mocked me. They did the same to Holland.
  • Deputies openly laughed about my circumstances - they did the same to Holland.
  • I was forced to sleep on the floor. So was Holland.
  • I was threatened with being strapped into a restraining chair. Unfortunately for Holland, he actually ended up in that chair (and I would have as well, if I had continued asking for a lawyer, a phone call, and booking paperwork).
  • The police lied thier asses off to cover up my abuse. And they did the same to Holland.
  • The DA didn't do anything to investigte my abuse, and they didn't do so for Holland either.
  • I hadn't yet been convicted of a crime. Neither had Holland.

Now, there are some notable differences between my story and Holland's. Holland (according to reports, if we can trust them) was Schizophrenic and had been involved in self-harm. Those things might justify restraint. And of course, the ultimate difference, Holland ended up in the chair and actually died. Fortunately for me, I didn't, but when I banged on the door of my cell and demanded a lawyer, I was knocking on death's door - and death looks like a clean-cut teenager with a badge. I was threatened with the same kind of chair that Holland went into.

It's been over a year since Andrew Holland died was murdered by the police. The video has only been released today. Most Americans will never hear his story. Of the few who do, many of them will shrug it off as "just a few bad apples". They'll blame him for getting arrested and hitting his own head in the first place. They'll do everything they can to justify the police, because they're too mentally feeble to look at this problem for what it is, but if what we're reading is true, he shouldn't have been in that jail, and he certainly shouldn't have been completely immobilized for two whole days. There's no excuse for that.

This isn't something a few bad apples can pull off alone. It took more than one officer to take that man nude to a cell and strap him down. It took more than a few people turning their heads to keep him that way for that long. It took more than a few liars to cover up how he died. It took a corrupt DA to ensure that no one was punished. And this isn't just a problem at one jail in Somewhere-else; this is the unrepentant modus operandi of police across the United States (from California to Georgia). They treat people like trash because they know that they can get away with it. We don't have a problem with a minority of bad officers. We have a systemic problem that breeds the most serious kinds of abuse.

But Holland himself aside, I show you this story for a reason. Some people I'm sure don't believe my story. They've never heard of a person in an American prison being strapped to a chair or left naked in a cell to sleep on the floor. Well, here's your proof that such things are happening. This is how prisons are run day in and day out in the US, but you only hear about it in the news if someone dies and if he dies in a liberal state like California where police brutality news sells. In Georgia, a newspaper talking bad about the police only makes its customers angry.

Listen, I know that your pastor keeps telling you that you can trust your government and that you ought to back the blue. I'm telling you right now that he's wrong. The police are torturing innocent people in these prisons. They're laughing about it while they do it, and they're deceiving the public so that they can get away with it. They have zero respect for the lives of the citizens they're supposed to serve. I know that these things are true because I've seen it with my own eyes, and now you have too.

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