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The Police Just Stole My Car (Again).

By J. Freeman on 02/23/2018 02:52:08

I bought a used car on Wednesday night, and picked it up at the dealership yesterday. This morning I started driving it to work for the first time. It felt good, knowing that I was getting good gas mileage driving to my new job in Atlanta.

And by the way, you can actually get a worthwhile job if you don't have bogus arrests on your bogus criminal record.

Well, of course, the Georgia State Patrol pulled me over for not having a tag. I showed the officer the bill of sale. Proof that I'd brought the car home yesterday. I showed him the dealership floor mats still protecting the carpet. Significant evidence that the car was just bought yesterday. Seems like a reasonable presumption of innocence shows that there was no cause for a stop, and certainly no cause to continue detaining me. The officer thief said he was going to run my license anyway. I objected, saying that I was being unlawfully detained.

On running the license, the officer decided that I had no insurance policy specifically for this car. Well, no shit Sherlock. I bought it off a used car lot yesterday. It isn't even 8 am. The insurance office isn't open yet.

And by the way, my insurance agent says that I have automatic coverage for a week and that the police must know that. Call my insurance agent Cindi and ask her yourself if you want. My car actually was insured. One of my lawyer friends agrees that the police had to have known this.

So the thief says he's going to tow my car. I tell him that if he'll wait a few minutes, my wife will have the insurance information. The thief doesn't care. He calls out a tow truck to take my car to Cartersville (Cedartown? I always get them confused.) Regardless, he intentionally doesn't have the car towed to my hometown of Rockmart, despite my request that he do so.

So the tow truck shows up, but before it can tow the car, my wife calls with the insurance information. Ta-da. The car is insured. There's no reason I can't drive it away. The thief doesn't care. The car is towed. I'm left stranded on the highway.

Before I walked away, I screamed (screeched even) every cuss word I can imagine at that filthy miserable thieving animal, because I know that in the Democratic People's Republic of American Georgia, that's the best justice I'll ever get.

My lawyer friend agrees. Looks like I'm in for more of defending myself against charges that everyone knows are false and of never being compensated for my losses. Will the car thief be punished? Of course not. He works for the government and can commit any crime he pleases.

And by the way, I know we haven't gotten to the details of all these stories yet, but I want to make clear that this is now the third time in the past two years that the police have literally stolen a car from me without any just cause. I'll tell you the stories sometime (or you can just skip ahead to here for one of the thefts).

Well, I guess I'll take my gas-guzzler truck into Atlanta and be late for work.

But hey, "Just obey the law and do what the police tell you and you won't have any problems, right? It's just a few bad apples."

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