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Recent Protest at Polk County Administration Building

By J. Freeman on 12/07/2017 08:29:50

Just so you know, I have every intention of getting back to my unlikely but certainly true story about how I saved the world. I'm kinda dragging my feet about it because the next part is the part that's really especially not fun to relive. I mean, really, none of it was fun. Saving the world is tough business.

While I've been dragging my feet, tax day has come and gone, and I was compelled, yet again, to pay through the nose for a public school system that I don't use and don't want anything to do with.

So, seeing that I'm now everyone's hero and not public enemy number one anymore, I went up to the Cedartown Police Station and got a permit to hold a protest, specifically, a protest against forcing religious homeschoolers to pay public school taxes. It was a small affair, and I was surprised to find that I got a good bit of positive feedback from passers-by. You almost get the idea that people are tired of public schools and their constant nonsense.

Oh look. There was another school shooting today.

So anyway, I gave a speech that explains with very clear reasoning the fundamental nut of why I oppose public education so highly, and you can listen to it by clicking that link. The audio quality is pretty poor (especially in the first 3 minutes, after which it does alright), and there are environmental noises, but that's to be expected.

Cedartown has proven itself to be much more supportive of individual rights that Gainesville, Hall County, and Rockmart ever have been. The chief of police gladly gave us a permit, and when Polk County police tried to stop us from protesting, the chief swatted them down and even came by to check on us and make sure things were going okay. Thanks for the support chief.

Fun fact: Legend has it that once, when someone criticized Winston Churchill for using a preposition at the end of a sentence, he exclaimed: "That is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put!"

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