#1: Punish Criminal Police Officers

We, the undersigned, see sufficient evidence that Rockmart Chief of Police Keith Sorrels, Inspector Amos, Officer Montgomery, Officer Speck, and others:

  1. Willfully trespassed on the Freeman family property by refusing to leave after repeated orders to do so, in spite of the fact that they had no warrant.
  2. Were negligent in their duty to investigate the theft of the Freeman family van.
  3. Violated the Freemans' fourth amendment rights by conducting an unlawful search all around the exterior of the Freeman home, without reasonably constraining themselves to publicly available walkways.
Additionally, Chief Sorrels and Officer Montgomery placed the Freemans in reasonable fear for their life and the well-being of their children by:
  1. Demanding that the Freeman's bring their children out of the safety of their home.
  2. Threatening to arrest Mr. and Mrs. Freeman.
  3. Carrying weapons onto the Freeman family porch.
  4. Shouting, using abusive language, making angry faces, using aggressive gestures and postures, and advancing toward the Freemans.
  5. Making fraudulent reports to DFACS alleging that the Freeman children are neglected.
And furthermore, Officers Hite, Parker, Montgomery and others:
  1. Willfully assaulted, battered, and falsely arrested Mr. Freeman under color of law.
Therefore, we demand that the following persons:
  1. Chief Sorrels
  2. Officer Montgomery
  3. Officer Hite
  4. Officer Parker
  5. Inspector Amos
  6. Officer Speck, and
  7. Any others who were involved in these incidents,
  1. Removed from their positions, and
  2. Prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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#2: Free Freeman

We, the undersigned, see sufficient evidence that:

  1. The Freeman family were victims of a van theft.
  2. The Rockmart Police were negligent in their duty to apprehend the thieves and return the stolen property.
  3. Mr. Freeman was fully justified in investigating the theft, and was not discouraged from doing so by the police.
  4. Mr. Freeman was unjustly arrested and charged with a crime for investigating the matter on public property.*
As Mr. Freeman is the victim in this case, and has committed no crime, but has attempted to help the police we demand that:
  1. All charges against Mr. Freeman be dismissed.
  2. This incident be completely expunged from Mr. Freeman's criminal record.
  3. That Mr. Freeman be reimbursed for all expenses related to this incident.

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*Note that this petition initally listed the charges against Mr. Freeman as Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct. Since those charges have changed since this petition was created, we have changed the wording of the petition.

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